From the Living Room to the Stage:

DJ, producer, re-mixer, artist or entrepreneur?

New Orleans native Jimmy Granados, known to his fans as DJ Jiggy, wears each of those titles proudly. Born in USA but proud of his Costa Rican heritage Jiggy says his love of music came from listening to the radio and his family's extensive collection of music. "My love of music started at an early age," said Jiggy. "When I was a kid I would improvise with two pencils and a 'Charlie Chips' bucket! In my mind I was a professional drummer." That early interest in music followed Jiggy to Elementary School where he joined the band as a percussion player. Jiggy credits his knowledge of rhythm can be traced to those years in the band. "I played the drums for years," Jiggy said. "Much of what I know about rhythm and music came from my time in the band. When I finally got a job washing cars, I was able to buy my own music and DJ Gear and really explore my love of music." That's when Jiggy’s musical style began to take shape. "It's difficult to put a label on my style of DJ'ing," says Jiggy with a grin. " I guess you could describe it as a “One mix. One vibe” format. It’s a blend of high energy, bass heavy, booty shakin’ beats with a Funky Latin twist that keep you dancing all night. Its hard to class my style into a certain category, because I’ll go from a Lil Jon beat into James Brown, just to get the crowds reaction of Daaaaannnng he dropped James Brown into a Lil Jon beat!! People get wowed by certain mixes, and that’s what I look forward to in every show. It's definitely not the typical 'hip-hop/techno/trance/breaks' label you see underneath a DJ's name on most flyers, through the years you develop your own style. While he was still a senior

in high school, Jiggy bought affordable DJ equipment and started playing at the parties and weddings of his friends and acquaintances.

     It wasn't until Feb.1999, however, that Jiggy got his first big break. "I was performing after a 'Rock en Español' concert at Jimmy's, a popular college bar in Uptown New Orleans, and Eduardo Courtade, a House of Blues promoter, approached me about auditioning at one of the House of Blues late nights," said Jiggy. "I had never even been to the House of Blues, let alone performed there, but I accepted the offer with a lot of excitement. The audition went extremely well and lead to me becoming a resident dj on Friday night." Friday night is otherwise known as Latin Quarter and later RYTMO - and it was the most popular "Latin night" among locals and international college students. Little did Jiggy know that the best and most defining moment of his career thus far was about to come. "We had several months of successful events and that led to national recognition from E! Entertainment Television's 'Wild at' program called “E Goes Wild in the Big Easy”, hosted by Brooke Burke" recalled Jiggy. "It was a chance to show off my skills and also make a big impression of everyone watching." Aside from dominating the New Orleans and Texas top party scenes, Jiggy has made it a personal commitment to go back yearly to his beloved Costa Rica on “Dj Jiggy's Costa Rica Tour”. At the eve of every spring, Jiggy and his crew spend a week hosting parties at Costa Rica's top spring break spots. As result of a growing fan base, he now hosts a weekly radio show in Costa Rica's own “The Beatz106”.

     Jiggy's residency at House of Blues New Orleans has gotten him numerous of other exposure opportunities with events such as: Stuff Magazine, Maxim Magazine, Microsoft events, Nokia events, Mardi Gras, Sugerbowl and Superbowl events, as well as NBA’s New Orleans Hornets After Parties. In addition, Jiggy has had celebrity tributes from Hip-Hop Artists like: The Game and G-Unit’s Tony Yayo. He has performed alongside artists such as Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz, Snoop Dogg, Hootie and the Blowfish, DJ Dan, DJ Icey, Baby Anne, Timo Maas, Loco Dice, Bad Boy Bill, and Steve Smooth, just to name a few. As many of us know, in August of 2005 the city of New Orleans was shattered by Hurricane Katrina. As result of this, Jiggy was displaced in Texas. Out of work, and away from friends and family, the only place to go was up. With Jiggy's fresh “New Orleans groove” in the state of Texas, he's played in all the top clubs in San Antonio, and has branched out to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, Austin and Houston. With growth comes establishment. Jiggy founded his music production brand known as “Good Life Music” and a multimedia company “Neoizzm Studios” Combined, these sister companies focus on production, talent scouting and development,

graphics and audio design, a clothing line, promotions, and much more. “I've learned a lot about the music business and I know that it is not easy to make it in this business. You just got to love what you do, and let it be your passion. That challenge has only made me strive harder and set bigger goals for myself. I'm always thinking about my next project.”

-D.J. Jiggy